Which outputs do Karf and Scoot fixed gas detectors have?

Karf and Scoot GD2G fixed gas detectors have two relay outputs and a 4-20mA analog output. In GD3G model, RS-485 output is also available.

What are the basic differences between catalytic and infrared sensor options?

The main difference between infrared sensors and catalytic sensors is measurement methods. Catalytic sensors need to be calibrated approximately every 6 months since they detect the gas leak by burning themselves. However, the infrared sensors need this control every 2 years because they detect the gas leakage from the breaking lengths of infrared rays. The service life of catalytic sensors is reduced significantly in dusty and humid environments, but infrared sensors can operate in such environments without being affected for a long time. Infrared sensors can provide healthier measurement values for precision, and have a longer operating life (1.5 years, 5+ years). The expected life of the infrared sensors is approximately 8 years. The only advantage of catalytic sensors over infrared detectors is the response time (<10 seconds, <30 seconds). Test results for our Karf & Scoot brand detectors are approximately 4 seconds for catalytic sensors and 12 seconds for infrared sensors.

What is the Karf and Scoot ex-proof fixed gas detectors’ operating temperature?

Karf and Scoot ex-proof gas detectors can operate in the temperature range of -40o / + 60 o C. However, in our internal audit tests, it has been observed that the Karf and Scoot GD2G model fixed gas detectors can provide healthy measurement results at lower and higher temperatures.

Which gases do Karf and Scoot fixed gas detectors sense?

Karf and Scoot fixed ex-proof gas detectors have different sensor options that can detect 38 types of gases. However, if there is a special demand for different gases other than our list, an R & D project can be created and can be carried out for all types of gas that can be requested.

What is the warranty period of Karf and Scoot ex-proof fixed gas detectors?

Karf and Scoot ex-proof fixed gas detectors are under UESTCO guarantee for 2 years. At the same time, as an R & D center and manufacturer, UESTCO is known for its fast and effective after sales support by its customers after the warrant period as well.

What is included in the package?

Karf and Scoot GD2G fixed ex-proof gas detector’s package contains 2 ex-proof glands, use and installation manual.

What is the package dimension and weight?

Karf and Scoot GD2G ex-proof fixed gas detectors come with a strong corrugated cardboard package. The dimensions of the package is 27x17x7.5 (h) and weights for 1.1 kg.

Will the calibration certificate be delivered with the product?

The Karf and Scoot ex-proof gas detectors are all packaged after the test and calibration procedures are completed. There is a statement on the test and calibration process on each package. If you apply to the UESTCO office with the serial number of your products, you can obtain the calibration date and certificate at any time. In addition, if the customer requests a certificate with the product, it is prepared and included in the package.

What is the expected life-time of Karf and Scoot gas detectors?

Karf and Scoot GD2G ex-proof fixed gas detectors have more than 5 years of service life. However, the sensor life varies depending on the types of sensors and the environment in which they operate.

What should I be careful when placing the detectors?

The installation of gas detectors must be carried out by an authorized electrical / electronics engineer or technician. It should be determined whether the gas / vapor to be detected is based on its density relative to the air, whether the gas / vapor tends to rise or sink. Accordingly, gas detectors should be positioned in low, medium or high places. In addition, the gas detector should be positioned as close as possible to the potential leak points when selecting the place. Since many different factors must be taken into consideration, it should be preferred by persons / organizations who are competent in this subject when assembling the gas detector. For the installation of Karf and Scoot GD2G fixed ex-proof gas detectors, the UESTCO team provides on-site installation services to their customers and can also support the field remotely through after-sales support.


What are the operating temperature and IP protection level of Karf and Scoot ex-proof fixed gas detectors?

Karf and Scoot ex-proof fixed gas detectors have a protection level of IP65 and an operating temperature of -20/+65oC. Additionally, an optional apparatus can provide IP66 level protection and -40/+65oC operating temperature.

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