About Us

About Us

Karf and Scoot, Technology for Security!

Karf and Scoot develops and manufactures industrial exproof gas detectors and ancillary products suitable for use in flammable, inflammable, explosive, suffocating and toxic atmospheres that may pose a threat to human life and health.

Each of the products is a high-tech and innovative solution to international guidelines and creates safe environments for all your value.

Karf and Scoot gas detectors designed and implemented in accordance with international standards for R & D and production processes. Karf and Scoot products have been used in hundreds of sites among the world such as Italy, Peru, Hungary, Greece, Pakistan, Ukrain, Norway, Spain and Turkey.

GD2G models, the first generation of Karf and Scoot gas detectors; They have a choice of catalytic, infrared and electrochemical sensors (for more information, please click here: redirect: blogs - infrared and catalytic sensor differences). All GDSFX-PRO model gas detectors have exproof guard and have ATEX and CE certificates.

The GD3G series, which is planned to be released in the last quarter of 2019, will address different needs and provide more secure environments with its high-resolution display and RS-485 communication port options. Sensor-change and auto-calibration features, which are also the first in detector technology, are among the most notable innovations of the GD3G product line.

Karf and Scoot is a UESTCO brand.